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GROUND BRANCH has finally arrived on Steam Early Access

This had to be the hardest game i have played offline  ;D Got killed by the ai way too easy, but seems quite good.

Finally new update version 1030

CTE UPDATE #002 to 23.7.2020
We got a new update out for GROUND BRANCH CTE.

This is a relatively small update, so we'll simply list the main things to look out for, test and give us feedback on.

What's new?
Engine changes to load additional DLLs required by Steam dedicated servers. This should make dedicated servers usable again, but we need broader testing to make sure, so let us know and be sure to hop on our Discord if you need help setting yours up.
Improved server/client loadout sync logic.
Refactored item skin handling to fix various 1030 issues and prepare for 1031 changes.
Updated pickup logic to handle no-dump-pouch situations better.
First pass on new Spectator Mode overlay.
Optimization pass on maps Tanker Ship, 747 and Creek.
More level design work on Creek.
Lots of lighting bugs fixed on City, 747, Small Town, Power Station and Tanker Ship.
MPX underbarrel attachments fixed.
Added controllable Time of Day to training maps use the newly placed Ops Boards to change it.
Various UI/HUD element updates, changes and improvements.


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